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26-Aug-2017 13:36

Chatbots are sophisticated, unmanned algorithms that can talk to users at length and in depth about anything, order products for them, browse the internet for information, and even pull up relevant gifs or emojis. Chatbots are a new breed, and some believe they will solve many “pressing problems” for businesses.

According to Forbes, they will “make payments easier” by allowing users to simply type out (or speak out) their request.

No need to go out of your way to visit multiple homepages or to scroll through hours worth of Twitter feed frenzy to find something you might actually want to click on.

The value in engaging more directly with followers has obvious loyalty-building potential for newspapers who struggle to pull in repeat site visitors, and the challenge of figuring out how to personalize content for more direct distribution has captured the attention of newsroom innovators.

She argues that not only are sex robots "dehumanising and isolating", they are also inherently sexist."While we live in a world which still considers women as property, then it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination to start creating property that looks like women and then encouraging people to have the same sort of relationships."Dr Richardson is concerned that there is a strange complacency when it comes to sex robots."Let me put this way: If we were to create a robot that looked like an 18th century slave, there would be horror."But we can look upon women as these over-sexualised images in pornography and in prostitution and it doesn't raise an eyebrow."And the reason why it doesn't raise an eyebrow is because people still think that is socially acceptable to view women as nothing more than a sexual object."Sex robots will be a topic of serious discussion next month at the Second International Congress of Love and Sex with Robots at the University of London.

Others tested the sophistication of the conversation the bots were capable of by saying their penis had fallen off, or that their mother had just died.

A UK academic is campaigning against sex robots, arguing they are dehumanising, isolating and will encourage people to consider women as property.

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