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19-Dec-2017 23:44

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When you go out with someone you like, how can you make a real connection and keep him interested in a relaxed, fun and, of course, grownup way? People who, when you’re with them, you really like yourself. When I have my coaching clients do this exercise, they usually tell me they are relaxed, laughing, touching, talking, enjoying give and take, smiling, having fun, loving, playful, nurturing, open. You can enjoy those things about your relationship. Loving yourself as a WOMAN — the one who is open, shares of herself freely, laughs and nurtures — LOVING HER and being her is what attracts the confident, interesting, passionate man and, ultimately brings love into your life.

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The real problem is that a man's brain is constantly changing.Recently a friend of mine tagged me in Facebook in a note, one of my least favorite things.