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She expects to earn ,000 this year, plus presents like Burberry trench coats and a new i Pad.Her “pay pigs” include a celebrity chef and a powerful CEO. I had just returned from Copenhagen, where I went to explore my feelings for an ex-girlfriend, but realized that I really loved my boyfriend in New York and came home to him.I found myself really attracted to what I was reading.

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Online personals, classifieds and dating sites are places to go if you're looking for friendship, companionship or romance. Read More » Text Messaging & Chat Abbreviations From A3 to LOL and ZZZ this guide lists 1,500 text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate and understand today's texting...But I saw that some fin-dommes don’t even meet their pay-pigs — or human ATMs — or slaves — whatever you want to call them. The subs want a woman who likes to splurge, who likes bags and shoes. So I uploaded pictures and wrote a bratty profile like, “Guess what? ” Suddenly I had extremely wealthy, successful figures getting in touch with me. Then I tell them to send me a “tribute,” to know that they’re serious. The first pig I ever had sent me a 0 Amazon card.So I told my boyfriend, and he was very encouraging. The first step was joining Fetlife and Collarme, websites catering to the BDSM community. You work so hard on making all this money, and now I’m taking it! They feel enslaved by their companies; they’ve spent their whole lives making money for other people. That’s done through Pay Pal or Green Dot Money Pak. When it arrived, I was like, “Holy shit, this is real, this is real, holy shit.” I was so giddy! Another sub wrote, “Goddess Nia, you’re a perfect 10. Are You Looking for a Sexy Dominating Babe to Put You in Your Place? Let Us Introduce You to Commanding Dommes Who are Always in the Market for a New Willing Sub Like You! See Who Wants to be Your Next Mistress When You Join Our Chat Club!

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Goddess Nia is a 23-year old college graduate and a full-time financial dominatrix: Submissive men obey her by sending the money she demands and purchasing gifts.

Far from being a seedy, frightening world of pain, power and darkness, my dungeon is more like an arena for adult role-play, where fantasies are explored and the mind freed from everyday stresses. For some, it's skiing or stamp-collecting; for others it's dressing as a schoolboy and getting spanked by a 6ft stuntwoman in a corset.

ur catchy radio advertising jingle that has grabbed so much media attention- we think it’s fun, tin foil hats and all!… continue reading »

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The go-to local matchmaker hosts regular Lock and Key parties that offer a space for matching that is as straightforward as it is creative.… continue reading »

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For a few credits you will be able to watch them undress, show off and even masturbate for you.… continue reading »

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