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03-Feb-2018 05:23

This is very powerful and easy to use VBA tool that creates two button in your menu options, one for opening Excel workbooks and other to combine multiple sheets data into one sheet.

VBA Merge Sheets Macro and Add-In are easy to use that merges MS Excel 2003, 2007, 20 files at a time.

If you are required to repeat this task very frequently then you should download the Excel Add-In.

Once added to MS Excel it does not required any authentication and Add-In menu options will be available all the time.

The rest of this article will show a simple example of how this process works.

I hope it will give you ideas of how to apply these tools to your unique situation.

Change the range in this code line'Fill in the range that you want to copy Set Copy Rng = sh. I use A: A to copy the whole column but you can also use a range like A1: A10. Change it here 'Fill in the column(s) that you want to copy Copy Rng.

This ensures that the data is always up to date after you run the code. Range("A1"), _ Lookat:=xl Part, _ Look In:=xl Formulas, _ Search Order:=xl By Rows, _ Search Direction:=xl Previous, _ Match Case:=False). Range("A1"), _ Lookat:=xl Part, _ Look In:=xl Formulas, _ Search Order:=xl By Columns, _ Search Direction:=xl Previous, _ Match Case:=False).

In the examples I use a values/formats copy but below the first example there is example code to copy only the values or everything to the RDBMerge Sheet. Enable Events = True End With End Sub Function Last Row(sh As Worksheet) On Error Resume Next Last Row = sh. Row On Error Go To 0 End Function Function Last Col(sh As Worksheet) On Error Resume Next Last Col = sh.

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