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After a day being pummeled by squealing kids at the mall, there are no sweeter words to hear than these: adults-only. It's an escape-haven for grownups that caters to your every whim - any that the cool ocean breezes can blow in.Unlimited food and drinks that will come your way until you say "stop." Wave after wave of watersports.

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By phoning the “09” number advertised above you can connect straight away with the woman of your choice.When you speak to the staff they are rude and unhelpful and just do not seem to care about the service they are offering.To make a call it is 13 pence per minute and most of the tine there is a long wait before anyone picks up. Read Full Review Flights and coach transfers were very good both times around.On the beach is not only a terrible site to book a holiday but they are absolutely incompetent.

Firstly we found a deal that we both liked and was a reasonable price we selected the All inclusive deal which was significantly more than the others which is fine.( it was really late in the morning , ive now come to realise that their prices changes through out the day) we booked it straight away and I paid a deposit, all was good until I decided to look over the details of the holiday to make…

However, this time we booked a '3-star' hotel/self-catering.